1996 The world witnessed over 1 Million Blackmen come together in the nations Capital. Many men gave all the had to reach this event. For one day Blackmen united in peace.
The powerful union was seen around the world and for those who attended in person know as I do that from the time we stepped on the lawn our lives were changed for ever.
The world wondered what was going to happen the day after this very successful event.
As the men went home with this new since of pride what became of our pledge?
Was the march in vain?
What has happened since the march?
Is there anything good that has come from the Million Man March?
This website wants to find the answers to these Questions as well as feature and support the efforts of all of the men who were blessed to be at the march in person.
We need to set the record straight. We are asking that you seen us the name of any Man,or boy who attended the March.
We want to get our own official count. we will add them our unofficial wall of pride.
It's time for us to honor those who made the commitment to helping our communities better itself. If you are doing something good in your hometown let us know about it.
lets not let the sprit of the Million Man March be wasted.
We marched 1 Million strong in D.C. now lets do it online!
We want to create the network where we can share information and support each other as we pledged on the lawn. please Email us your name and location and any organizations you help to start or support since the March. We want to help in raising needed funds, support and awareness of the efforts of the Million Man March Men.
We showed the world our power now it's time we take actions to help save our Nation.
Our Children need us.
Our Women need us.
Our Families need us.
Let's join forces.
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